Anthony Picone

Sales Representative

Anthony Picone has been the real estate industry serving the Hamilton-Burlington area since 1987, gaining experience in most facets of the business. Mostly living up to "PICONE GETS THE JOB DONE".

As a seasoned veteran with a "no gimmick programs" has excelled him with many prestigious awards to date. He is passionate about advancing into his 4th decade with a strong expertise and establishing a personal and fun filled journey for all his clients, which includes residential, commercial, farm, land development and industrial properties. He is well respected among management and peers within the real estate world.

He is looking to forward to helping you with all your real estate needs.

Nick Fioravanti

Sales Representative

Nick is entering his 6th year in the business, bringing an enthusiastic, energetic, and passionate aspect to his clients. Nick has been working alongside Anthony for his whole career, and has absorbed the lessons and experience Anthony’s 36 years in the business brings. Devoted to creating solution’s to their clients Real Estate needs. In his free time, Nick enjoys playing music, Hamiltons abundance of coffee shops, and quality time with family and friends.

Elbron Hormoz

Sales Representative

Elbron Hormoz currently serves his community as a realtor through Hamilton’s top producing real estate brokerage at Remax Escarpment Realty Inc. Elbron works along side Anthony Picone and Nick Fioravanti as a team to fulfil the needs and dreams of their clients.

After leaving his engineering field in aviation, Elbron had a motive and drive to help people within his community and leave them with a smile on their face. In the aviation industry, there are strict time limits to get the airplanes out flying as safely and efficiently as possible. This requires a great deal of concentration, knowledge, patience and expertise to achieve. Just like in real estate, to get clients from point A to point B, the same skills must be applied to help families and members of the community with their real estate needs, whatever the reason may be, wether it’d be upsizing to a new home for a growing family, or downsizing as the members of the family have sprouted off.

In the process of finding a team and mentor to work with, Elbron was specifically looking someone that would be able to teach, guide and provide a meaningful family-like relationship which he could later apply to his real estate career. After many rigorous interviews, Elbron set his mind and energy on working with Anthony Picone who has over 36 years of real estate experience. Anthony stood out to Elbron was not only because of the abundant knowledge and experience Anthony has, but Anthony treats his team like family. Everyone on the team works together to accomplish one goal, which is helping people sincerely with their real estate needs. Elbron and Anthony strive to help people achieve their dreams and build meaningful relationships with their clients.

William Marlow

Sales Representative

Entering his 6th year in the business, William was heavily exposed to real
estate through his family’s successful business ventures. During these
years, he acquired a sharp business acumen which he shares with his clients
during all phases of the real estate cycle. With a business and construction
engineering background plus being a licenced contractor, William is able to
provide an honest eye when it comes to design.

When it comes to negotiating, he brings a plethora of knowledge to the
negotiating table and is instrumental in aiding his clients’ understanding
of the fundamentals in residential property, investment, and development
which he acquired through his own investment portfolio.

William took his construction years and business approach to real estate to
develop a client base and design a business rather than working from one
sale to the next. This translates in exceptional service to his clients and
a process that ensures success for everyone involved.

A Stoney Creek native, William is a born competitor, and is highly motivated
which came from years of playing competitive hockey. William’s goal has
always been to create long-term relationships. He believes in honesty and
integrity as the best currency in life and business, and hopes to pass on
these values to those around him.